01. Corin Tucker's originally from North Dakota.
02. Sleater-Kinney started out as a side project.
03. They were invited to both Lollapalooza and Lilith Fair, but declined both festivals.
04. Carrie's taking classes at Evergreen State College.
05. Janet's the best drummer, ever. "In order to have a great band, you must have a great drummer." - Janet W.
06. Clips of their song "You're no Rock 'n Roll Fun" are often heard on MTV on shows such as TRL and Road Rules. Everyone wants a piece of S-K.
07. Carrie is in a few priceline.com commercials with William Shatner along with Mary Timony.
08. "I Wanna Be Yr Joey Ramone" 's on the All Over Me soundtrack. (I didn't like the movie much though. Leisha Hailey was the only thing that kept my eyes glued to the telly.)
09. S-K Birthdays: Corin- 11/09/72, Carrie 09/27/74, Janet- 09/25/65
10. They're friends and strong supporters of the gay community. In fact, they are nominated for a GLAAD award this year.
11. Olympians pronounce it slay-ter. It just sounds better anyway.
12. They're the greatest band in the world.
13. Bad reviews about S-K albums do not exist. or so i haven't seen.
14. Carrie and Janet are Jewish.
15. Corin would rather be a ladyman.
16. There's a Hollywood Video on Sleater-Kinney Rd in Lacey, Wa. All New Releases are only $3.79 for 5 fucking days!
17. S-K's next album won't be released till maybe Feb. 2002
18. "Little Babies" has GOT to be the most awesome sing-a-long song at S-K concerts.
19. Corin and Carrie has tried vegetarianism.
20. Janet plays barefeet.
21. Yes, Corin and Carrie dated for a bit. No, they're not still lovers.
22. Carrie says her dancing skills come from playing soccer. hmm
23. Carrie likes french toast!
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